Look Your Youthful Best with Clear and Brilliant Laser!

Clear + Brilliant laser treatment can help prevent the visible signs of aging and address the overall effects time and the environment can have on your skin.


The results of Clear + Brilliant treatment are both immediate and progressive. Within a week or two after one treatment, your skin will start to feel softer, look brighter and show more even tone. Results can last for months depending on age, skin condition, and how you protect your skin.

Clinical study highlights include:

  • Improvement in the look of fine lines
  • Reduction in the appearance of pores
  • Improvement to skin tone and texture
  • Improvement in skin’s overall appearance

Patients frequently report younger looking skin and a radiant glow after treatment.

Ideal Anti-aging Maintenance Treatment

A non-invasive procedure with little to no downtime

Restores a more youthful appearance

Clear+Brilliant treatments are quick and gentle


A Typical Clear + Brilliant Treatment:

  • Begins with a consultation with your Tribeca Skin Center Board-certified dermatologist to see if Clear + Brilliant is right for you.
  • May involve application of topical numbing cream to your face 30 minutes prior to treatment in order to provide additional comfort.
  • Laser treatment involves guiding the Clear + Brilliant handpiece across the target area and actively treat your skin for approximately 15 minutes.
  • Utilizes the patented Intelligent Optical Tracking™ System to ensure the device maintains proper contact with your skin and provides a uniform application to all treated areas.
  • A topical antioxidant serum might be applied to the skin immediately after treatment.


All Clear+Brilliant treatments are performed by Board-certified dermatologists who are members of the American Academy of Dermatology.

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