Here are some physicians to whom we refer our patients, arranged by specialty. We appreciate you letting them know that we referred you, and we welcome your feedback on any visit you may have to their office. If you are looking for a particular “fit”, please call us with any specific questions you might have. We are always looking for offices that provide a high standard of care to their patients. If you have a great doctor, we would love to know about them.


Mount Sinai Doctors General Medicine Associates : 10 Union Square East Suite 3G, TEL 212-844-8100
All Physicians, including:
Margaret Baran M.D.
Michael Felsen M.D.
Donna Finkelstein M.D.
John Graney M.D
Carmela Landes M.D.

Mount Sinai Doctors West 8th Street : 52 West 8th Street, TEL 212-466-4848
All Physicians, including:
Gary Pallatucci M.D.
Lisa Auerbach M.D.
Tanya Madrid M.D.
Stacey Suden M.D.

Mount Sinai Doctors Gramercy Park: 10 Union Square East, TEL 212-253-6800
David Hammer M.D.
Donald Kaminsky M.D.
Stanley Halperin M.D.
Peter Halper M.D.
Steven Tay M.D.

Victor Tenenbaum D.O. : 430 West Broadway, TEL 212-219-1189

Brian Meehan M.D. : 202 Spring Street Fl 2, TEL 212-343-3040

Stuart Lewis M.D. : 594 Broadway Suite 10, TEL 212-219-8858

Barry Cohen M.D. : 73 Spring Street Suite 204, TEL 212-219-7716

NYU Downtown
170 William Street, TEL 212-312-5258
All Physicians including:
Deborah Sonenblick M.D.
Warren Licht M.D.

Flatiron Family Medical (Emphasis on Holistic): 245 5th Ave at 28th Street, TEL 646-935-2257
All Physicians including:
Sapna Chaudhary M.D.
Pamela Hops M.D.
Martin Erhlich M.D.

Charles Paolino M.D.
John Dellosso M.D.
314 West 14th Street Fl, TEL 646-638-4000

Mohawk Medical : 14 East 4th Street Suite 501, TEL 212-677-6788
Todd McNiff M.D.
Chloe Godwin M.D.

Jeffrey Engel M.D. : 38 Est 32nd Street, TEL 212-352-0549


Roger Emert M.D. : 530 1st Ave #7b, TEL: 212 263 4023
Hudson Allergy : 49 Murray Street, TEL: 212 729 1283


Edward Merker M.D. : 237 East 20th Street, TEL 212 777 3280


Babak Mohajer M.D.: 155 5th Ave, 212 260 6505


Village Park Medical : 31 Washington Square West, TEL 212 475 8833
All Physicians including:
Joseph Rahimian M.D.
Dennis Karter M.D.
David Bekhor M.D.
William Mandell M.D.


Sean Henry M.D.
Shawna Hedley M.D. : 48 East 43rd Street Fl 7, TEL 212 599 4400

Spring Street Ob/Gyn : 135 Spring Street, TEL 212 219 1187
All Physicians including:
Heidi Flagg M.D.
Brina Maldonado M.D.
Cara Dodson M.D.


David Becker M.D. : 205 East 69th Street, TEL 212-772-3600

Anne Dacko M.D. : 155 Spring Street 4th floor, TEL 646-421-6054

Lance Brown M.D. : 10 West 15th Street, TEL 212-924-7546


Rivka Sachdev M.D.: 10 Union Square East, 212 844 8412


West 11th Street Pediatrics: 46 West 11th Street, TEL 212-529-4330
Lori Rosello M.D.
Genevieve Ferrier M.D.
Allesandra Zullo M.D.
Tracy Pellechio M.D.

Manhattan Pediatrics : 217 Grand Street, TEL 212-966-3585
Josephine Kuo M.D.
Lucy Leung-Eng, M.D.

Austin Lu: 139 Centre Street Suite 506/508, TEL 212-966-5882


Edmund Kwan M.D. : 302 East 72nd Street, TEL 212-734-4488

Alan Engler M.D. : 122 East 64th Street, TEL 212-308-7000

Olivia Hutchinson M.D. : 121A East 83rd Street, TEL 212-452-1400

ONCOLOGY (for Melanoma)

NYU Cancer Institute: 160 East 34th Street, TEL 212 -731-5347
Richard Shapiro, M.D.


Paula Rackoff M.D. : TEL 212-844-8101

Oliver Kurcuz M.D. : 41 Elizabeth Street Suite 507, TEL 212-966-8890


Jennifer Svahn M.D. : TEL 212-420-5648


Mathew Lemer M.D. : 201 East 19th Street, TEL 212-889-5256

Christopher Kelly M.D. : 150 East 32nd Street F12, TEL 646-825-6300